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Anglo-French historian Joesph Hilaire Belloc once said "We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment"

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Break Part 1: Mykonos & Santorini

Mykonos & Santorini
We start the blog in Mykonos! A great island to start the Greek experience with. We went to the islands right at the start of tourist season so they were still pretty empty so fortunately for us it was still somewhat empty and we got the freedom to do almost anything we wanted.

 Mykonos's signature bird.
 The typical blue topped church
 View from our hotel
 A little dutch influence on the island as well!
 (All my favorite colors in one photo)
 A look down on Mykonos, we got to the top via fourwheeler.
 Mykonos sunset picture.

 Fira, Santorini side view
 View of the volcano in the middle of Santorini
 The Black Beach of Santorini
 Red Rocks of Santorini

 Red Beach

 Nora and I's adventure toward the volcano
 Aly and Nora "dying slowly" ... but we ain't dead yet ;-)

 View from the top


 View of Santorini from dinner is Oia

 Sunset at Santorini <3
 Thomas the bee came to join us at the sunset

Here is the end of Nora and I's beginning island excursions, Crete and Corfu we are coming for you!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Island of Hydra, Greece

The Island of Hydra. One of the Saronic Islands of Greece and located on the Aegean Sea.
Separated from the Peloponnese by a narrow strip of water 
and only about and 1 1/2 hour ferry ride from Athens.

 This is the view of the port in Hydra

A special little Island to say the least. There was no vehicles aloud on the island so all transportation was via donkey or done by foot.

Luckily enough for me, I got to experience this island with my best friend from home. Maria and I will forever be stacking up memories and continuing our bucket lists until we kick it :-)
 Some of my favorite boats on the pier. Gotta love the Mickey Mouse tugger.

Cannons were located all over the island like this. I read up that some of these had to do with pirate issues back in the day but not serious history of wartime was ever partaken around Hydra.
Beautiful shot of the Aegean Sea.
Elia and I found a creature named the Birg Burdish which is commonly found fondling its feathers looking for seashells. Lewis and Clark eat your hearts out.

Wild flowers were all but seldom on this wonderful excursion.
 Johnny Boy and Eliamou walkin out and rockin out.

 Samantha's sexy travel magazine pose
 *poof* genie
 Two of my favorite girls taking a stroll

 We found Macey and Danielle out and about :-)

Maria's lovely Aegean sea pose.
 Took some time with the sea on the rocks.

 All my favorite colors in one photo :D

 Eliamou and I. The picture speaks for itself.

 Couldn't be happier.



Reese and Emily <4 These girls are so wonderful and have such beautiful heads on their shoulders. I will miss these down to earth Montanans (?)
 Lovely Aina :-)

 Walking towards our feast (I had Mousakka mmmmm)

Vassilis in my straw hat so adorable!!!
 Eliamous serenading the dinner group
 Beautiful exploration walk we went on.

 Check out this guy.

 Beautiful flower Elia found for me
 My travels guide picture :-)
 Papatas, love you man
 Thinking of you Christos!!

 Danielle my wonderful got to experience her 21st on the island <3 love you wondershone.
 Best friend pictures coming up here

Ending this post with a lovely shot Elia took. Magic in the air, positive emotions as far as the eyes can perceive. If i could change anything about this excursion I would say that we wouldn't of had to leave. Really looking forward to my spring break on the islands and knowing that Hydra will hold the closest memories in my heart forever.